Heart Centred Parenting Practice

“When a turbulent mind

And a wounded heart

Surrender to grace

Breathing is easy”

TG Hodge

#PDA #PathologicalDemandAvoidance #PeaceWithPDA

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Love PDA ‘Converstaions That Count!’

I pray for the day when PDA can be seen.

When parents are not judged but supported and celebrated.

Where we can say PDA and not have to explain what it is.

Where humans can adapt to the needs of PDA people, that they just recognize, accept and know that we are all unique but we are also all from the same.

For peace.

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Unconditional Love ?

There are ways you cannot change your child even if you should wish to.

There are ways teachers, family, and society cannot change your child even if they should wish to.

This makes our amazing children our greatest teachers of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

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Trauma ‘Converstations That Count’

Lucy is an astounding Well Being Coach for parents, and could not before supportive or understanding of parents with PDA.

Today she’s going to chat with us about trauma.

Trauma in parents is a specialism for Lucy and something she recognises is regularly affecting parents of children with PDA.

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