Hi friends!

Would you like to go from ‘total parenting overwhelm’ to finding (at least some) peace? Then stay with me...

I’m Lindsay

If YOU are the parent or carer to a child or young person with Pathological Demand Avoidance aka PDA (a profile within the Autistic Spectrum)


You’d like to be feeling a whole lot better in yourself easily every single day, and connecting with others who really understand...

Congratulations you’ve found the perfect place at the perfect time!

I’m a Mum living in the UK but connecting with parents all over the globe who believe their child has PDA.

I’m an Integrative Counsellor, Energy Healer, Parent Supporter, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, and most proud of all to be called ‘Mama’

It’s not actually my personal gift or desire to share with you about PDA as such, and there are other total gems in our community already sharing wonderful information for those of you seeking to know more about PDA and you’ll find links on my website so check them out for sure >>>>

Links and Resources

It’s my specialist knowledge & skill as a conscious parent combined with being a Holistic Practitioner that have led me to be here to share something TOTALLY AWESOME here with you today.

I LOVE to share EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques aka Emotional Freedom Techniques with parents as I find it THE most effective tool for lowering our own stress & worry levels I’ve ever come by, and I’ve tried a lot!

Plus! it’s really fast to learn, and easy to fit into even the busiest day for adults and children alike!!!

No long courses OR extensive reading needed to reap the benefits of this baby.

I know you are already overwhelmed in your life and I’m not planing to add to that, only soothe you out of it - I pinky swear!

You can join my FREE Facebook community for parents and carers of children and young people with PDA who are interested in learning about EFT to manage their own stress & anxiety right here right now >>>>

EFT is great for children, and you can certainly share the simple tapping technique with them if they’d like to learn it, but it’s YOU that I want to really invite to try EFT today!

Truly, we HAVE to be the change we are wanting to see in the world, and take responsibility for how we feel rather than asking someone else to change so we can feel better.

It’s fun to be held in a safe community of other parents who ‘get it’ whilst we learn together though right?!

I know a lot about child development, education, play therapy, & attachment parenting.

I was committed in my efforts to follow the BEST path of parenting as I knew it well before I even became pregnant.

So, I also understand that as a parent there can be heartbreak, confusion, shame, embarrassment, and self doubt when you feel you've done everything to offer a great environment and connection, and yet your child begins to hit out, hurt themselves, slam doors, break things, swear, or talk rudely to you, argue and fight constantly with siblings, friends or hurt family pets.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos.”...L R Knost

Do you have a child who is wired in their brain to resist absolutely any pressure or control?

You can either choose to tune into the energy within you of expansion, personal growth, & taking a wider deeper view of parenting and living OR you can be stuck, blocked, and frustrated!

Change, Acceptance, Peace - it starts with you!

To be entirely clear that does not mean to say you are in any way to blame, and I certainly can't promise all those behaviours will simply go away because you embark on this journey!!!

It does however mean the chance for transformative change lies literally at your fingertips!

Please do come and join our amazing community on Facebook! You’ll make new friends, find an amazing wealth of information and support and get loads on inspirational posts from me about EFT and living in Peace With PDA!